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Free Toilet Replacement Program
​A water conservation program for low to moderate income homeowners from Tucson Water and Community Home Repair Projects of Arizona.
To apply for the program, please fill out this simple form. 
Our office will contact you to schedule the installation. 
Please have your Tucson Water Account number ready when we arrive. 

Do you own your home?
What year is your existing toilet from?
Zip Code:
Major Cross Streets:
What is the household monthly income? 
Number of People Living in House: 
Number of Toilets to be Replaced:
Date of Birth:
Does the existing toilet function?
Are you a Tucson Water Customer?
Are you disabled?
Where do I find the date?
Leaky and old, inefficient toilets can be the biggest water waster inside the home. 

That's why Tucson Water is offering low-to-moderate income households free replacement of older toilets that use 3.5 or more gallons per flush for Tucson Water customers. Mobile home parks, condos and townhouses are eligible if the park is a Tucson Water customer.  

Households of one person are eligible for one toilet replacement. Households of two or more persons can receive two toilets. 

Toilets that qualify for replacement are usually made before 1991. The date of manufacture is generally stamped inside the tank or lid of the toilet. If the toilet is marked 1.6 Gpf or 6 Lpf, then it is already a low-flush toilet and is not eligible for replacement. 

The program provides an Pro-Flo high-efficiency toilet and hardware, as well as installation, at no cost. 
What kind of toilet(s) would you prefer? 
Standard Height Elongated Bowl
Standard Height Round Bowl
ADA Elongated Bowl (Higher Height)
ADA Round Bowl (Higher Height)