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Services Offered and How to Qualify
What We Do

Emergency Home Repairs — Tucson and Pima County
This program provides for heating and cooling repairs and replacements, gas, water and drain plumbing, electrical repairs, doors and windows (broken) replacement, and water heaters. Site-built homes, town houses, condominiums, and mobile homes are eligible, as long as they are owner-occupied.

Adaptive construction / Safety equipment — Tucson and Pima County
We install wheelchair ramps, bathroom safety equipment such as grab bars, tub rails, transfer benches, toilet safety frames and hand-held showers. We make adaptations such as door widenings and tub-to-shower conversions.

Toilet Replacement Project — Tucson Water customers
This project is offered to enable low-to-moderate income households to participate in water conservation efforts being undertaken by the City of Tucson and Tucson Water. The program offers free replacement of older toilets which consume 1.6 or more gallons per flush. Toilets qualifying for replacement are typically manufactured before 2010. The date of manufacture is generally stamped inside the tank of lid of the toilet. The program provides an Niagara high efficiency toilet and hardware, as well as installation, at no cost. To apply for this program, click here

What We Don't Do

Community Home Repair is a non-profit organization with limited resources. We strive to focus those resources on essential and critical repairs that support the health and safety of our clients. We are unable to assist with any of the following:
  • Painting
  • Remodeling projects 
  • Repairs to porches and carports
  • Remove or replace floor coverings (tile, carpet, linoleum, etc)
  • Mold abatement or removal
  • "Updating" housing components based on age
  • Weatherization (insulating, caulking, weatherstripping)
  • Drywall repair
  • Appliance repair (dishwashers, washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, garbage disposals, etc.)
  •  Repair of irrigation systems
  • Work on rental property
  • AC Repair

Eligibility Guidelines

All of our programs are designed to assist low-income homeowners with urgently needed assistance, with an eye towards helping people live safely and affordably in their own homes.

Applicants must meet income guidelines, be the owner of the home they occupy, and fill out an application for the program. We require verification of income in the form of Social Security award letters, pay stubs, and/or direct-deposit bank statements. We are happy to help applicants fill out the application and navigate the paperwork. 

While there is no charge for our services, we encourage our clients to contribute what they are able in order to accomplish the work. This may be in the form of purchasing materials, assisting with labor, or various inputs from other friends or family members. We are a non-profit agency, and are looking for ways to stretch our resources to deliver as much service as possible to the community with limited funds.

We require that people live in the home for a minimum of one year before they are eligible for assistance.

Rental property, including "rent-to-own" is not eligible for any of these programs.

​Eligibility guidelines are different for the Toilet Replacement Program: homeowners must be Tucson Water customers, low-to-moderate income, and the toilet(s) to be replaced must be older than 2010. We can replace one toilet for a household of one; two toilets for households of two or more. 
Dan Wilhelm
CHRPA does not replace air conditioning units. 
CHRPA works primarily on evaporative coolers.