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Arizona Tax Credit Qualifying Charitable Organization
The Arizona Department of Revenue has qualified Community Home Repair to receive tax credit eligible contributions. If you pay state tax in Arizona, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for your contribution. This tax credit does not conflict with the school tax credit. This year the amount you can contribute and claim has doubled! Individuals can now give up to $400, and couples filing jointly can donate and claim up to $800. To Claim a Tax Credit you must provide CHRPA's QCO code which is 20224. Donations must be made by April 15, 2023.
We will send you a receipt letter dated for 2022. When you file your next Arizona tax return, you can claim the dollar-for-dollar tax credit. You do not have to itemize deductions to claim credit for this contribution. Just fill out Form 321. To claim the credit you must submit CHRPA's QCO Code which is 20224. For more information visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website or email our Development Director.